Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Beers 3: Peak Organic Summer Session Ale

It's been GORGEOUS in DC the last couple of days - low to mid 80s, very low humidity, nice breeze. Not your typical mid-June weather by any stretch.  Knowing that the typical summer days in DC, by and large, SUCK from a weather perspective, it really makes you appreciate when the days are this nice.

That being said, "regular summer" is coming in tomorrow with a vengeance - by Friday, the heat index is supposed to be around 110 degrees.  I don't care if you're one of these freaks that says "I like it hot" - that's a bit much.  That kind of heat calls for strategic beer drinking - and you should always, ALWAYS be strategic when it comes to beer drinking. #lifetips

Peak Organic Summer Session Ale touts itself as...well, a summer session ale.  The exact meaning of the term "session" is highly debated in beer drinking circles, but in general a session beer is considered a beer that comes in at 5% ABV or less, and that you can drink a number of in a finite period of time with only a small risk of falling off a cliff.  So a beer named a "summer session ale" is putting a proverbial stake in the ground regarding its place in your strategic drinking plan.

Peak Organic Summer Session Ale

Fortunately, the beer largely delivers on the expectations it sets.  The head is a fluffy white with small, tightly packed bubbles.  Clocking in at 5% ABV, it is right in the session beer wheelhouse, and it tastes like it - this beer is very quaffable, with a very light bitterness and a refreshing fruity hoppiness from the Amarillo hops used to dry hop the beer.  This is not a game changer on the summer beer front - rather it's a solid entry into the category of "tasty beers I would enjoy drinking on a hot summer day."  That's not a bad place to be, strategically.

Rating: 3 heat strokes out of 5

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